How To Overcome Emotional Overwhelm

Life can be stressful. Putting aside the different theories on what causes stress and what exactly it is, we can safely say that stress produces unpleasant feelings in ourselves.

Feelings and emotions are produced in the mind. So if we change our mind we can change our feelings and our response to stress.

Here are five ‘piece of cake’ methods for effectively dealing with stress and anxiety:

1. Separate your delusions/behaviour/feelings from the person/self

We all have our own delusions. We all have our own strange behaviour and uncomfortable feelings to deal with. This is not the essential you. The essential you is pure potential. As a human being you have the potential to do anything. You have incredible learning capacity. By relating to our pure essential nature rather than our delusions we can look at our problems more objectively, realising we can overcome them.

2. Feelings dissipate

However overwhelmed you are feeling, keep in mind the fact that all feelings eventually change. Probably before bedtime! Or if not they’re bound to change when you sleep on it and don’t think about not having strange and vivid dreams.

3. Getting in touch with your feelings

Many of us are not in touch with our own emotions, maybe it’s because there are so many distractions in the modern world. It can be very useful to find the time to just sit for a couple of minutes and actually genuinely experience our feelings.

Notice where you feel the feelings in your body.

How does the sensation move?

If you were to ask what this feeling has for you that is important or useful what answer would you get? Gently ask yourself and discover whether or not you can realise its positive intention.

Even if you don’t get much joy, remember feelings dissipate anyway. It’s only a matter of time is it not?

4. Turn the feeling inside out!

Just think about it: Feelings are really just sensations in the body that we attach a label of meaning too. With the following technique from “The NLP ToolBox” you can learn to quickly change your feelings in a way that enables you to feel more resourceful.

The Fear Reversal Procedure

I. Become aware of where those feelings are in your body. Where does the feeling start and where does it go? (Often people speak of their stomachs turning etc.)

II. Now take the feeling and push it out a couple of feet in front of you. (I know this sounds weird. Just act as if you can do it, because you can.)

III. Turn it inside out and spin it the other way and bring it back inside. If it helps, pretend you can do it and so it is!

IV. Keep it spinning fast whilst imagining doing the thing that used to make you feel discomfort.

5. Get some perspective

When we feel overwhelmed we are deeply associated in our selves, feeling strong feelings. Disassociating is probably one of the quickest and easiest ways of ‘getting some perspective.’ Doing so will allow you to have feelings about feelings which is more pleasant.

Simply imagine seeing yourself ‘over there.’ It’s as if you are looking at yourself on a movie screen in your current situation. How do you look? Notice your posture, breathing and so forth. As you look at that you what comes to mind that would enable that person to feel better? Maybe you could imagine giving them a shoulder massage.

6. “Get real it’s not that bad!”

No matter what level of emotional pain you are in the truth is there are many other people having similar experiences. And of course thousands of people are experiencing far worse sufferings, right now in; war zones, famines, extreme floods and so on. Contemplating these poor suffering beings gets the focus off yourself and onto others which gives rise to compassion, a much more peaceful state of mind wouldn’t you agree.

It’s amazing how stuck we get in mental grooves. By applying a technique of mind like the methods above, we can be like the DJ who simply lifts the needle off the record and changes tracks and gets back on the good groove.

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