Starting Over Is A Great Thing

It’s OK to start all over, because your body is doing things all the time. It is OK to start over – and it is a necessity. The analogy I am going to use is a slot machine.

They way that your body works is very similar to a slot machine. You have three slots which are your feet, hips and your shoulders. As you know, those are our foundations. If they don’t work right, everything doesn’t work right. If something happens to one of those, everything gets shot and you have to start all over. This is a good thing.

You have to realize the more you start all over, the faster you will know the steps to take to get better when something does happen.

This where it gets tricky: if you pull that slot you will never get all things to line up perfectly. You have to learn how to tweak things and then pull it. You know certain things.

You know that your body works on a seven day cycle. Remember that, every seven days your body recycles and resets something. You have to recognize if you twist this or tweak that there you may be able to govern where it lands during the seven days.

You have to start learning how to do that on all three. Eventually you will find the combination that you need for all three areas. This way you can pull it, and every single time your body will reset in better ways. By learning about your body consistently, you can gear it towards those three foundations. Then your body will always reset in a better way.

You have to be OK with starting over. That is the only way that you will learn anything. It won’t take two or three times, it’s going to take four or five times. Your body is a variable, it changes dramatically. This is a lifelong thought process.

If you start looking at your body in a curious way, the pain that you are getting is not so bad. You can look at it and think “This doesn’t feel right here or there; let me see if I try something else.” Rather than thinking “I can’t get out.” Think of your symptoms and think of a solution. This is how you will progress.

Every time you get hurt, you will realize that you will come back even stronger than you were before. Your body couldn’t hurt itself based on all of the new things that you are doing, it couldn’t hold, so it just broke. As you are fixing things and mending things you are now able to do that. Now your body knows what it needs to do to repair itself.

Eventually you will get stronger and stronger with every injury you get. Depending on whether its structural injury, I’m not saying that if you break a bone you will be better. But if you just hurt yourself, and you do all the right things, you will be better later. So, start looking at yourself through that eye.

Remember, it is OK to get hurt because then you can fix it.

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