Truth and the Satisfaction of Hallucination

Truth does not become more true by virtue of the fact that the entire world agrees with it, nor less so even if the whole world disagrees with it. – Maimonides

In my life’s experiences, I have noted that what is absolutely true often meets with great adversity. I don’t know what prompts such passionate responses, and from some of the world’s highest thinkers. But, many people stand ready to argue against what is righteous, good and beneficial. If you look around the world, what is being taught? While people speak of peace, they nearly destroy each other protesting the many wars we are facing in these present days. While people talk of education, we put more support into our armies, our governments and other countries than we place in our children and their resources. We can’t see the forest through the trees and we have no single direction. We are a scattered people. How can we agree on anything? Therefore, the truth is out there and we have yet to find it.

If you must hate, if hatred is the leaven of your life, which alone can give flavor, then hate what should be hated: falsehood, violence, selfishness. – Boerne, Der ewige Jude

Someone once said, the only people we should be getting even with are the people who have helped us. But, it is human nature to be full of hatred. In the act of Cain’s jealousy over Abel, we have a unique look at ourselves. A basic insecurity lives deep within all of us. Few people find ways to rise above it. Then, out of those few, an even fewer are capable of actually following through with it. The rest of us feed on our insecurities until there is nothing left for our stomach’s to eat except the fear and loathing dwelling deep within us. Our hunger spawns paranoia, depression and anxiety. The kind of paranoia that is so real, the images in your head seem to be standing in front of you. The kind of depression that is so deep, misery feels great in comparison. The kind of anxiety that is so strong, you think you are dying of a heart attack. With a head clouded by such deep seated emotions, it is hard to think straight and your brother becomes your enemy. Your hatred becomes your fuel. This hatred should be harnessed and used against the evils of this world. Instead, we destroy our brother.

Acceptance is the art of making peace with life, of leaving all our expectations and projected ideals at the door and entering a new world of truth and beauty. – Terry Lynn Taylor

This world becomes less engaging for me as I learn of all the myths I grew up accepting. The privileged classes are simply better than the rest of us by way of obvious fortune. Good looks mean everything. Proper attire is a sign of proper upbringing. Rules are to be followed no matter what. I learned one way while the world was changing around these ideas. I soon learned that class had nothing at all to do with wealth; in fact the wealthy often show less class than a homeless lady working in a soup kitchen. I have also learned that while people still consider good looks a measure to everything, I’ve decided never to use it as a measure to anything. I won’t tell my daughter she is great because she is beautiful. She just happened to be blessed with both. I have also learned that being comfortable is more virtuous than being stiff. At least, being comfortable shows signs of life. Finally, I’ve learned that the very people trying to get me to follow their rules have a tough time doing it themselves. The underlying reality is that rules are made to make everyone conform rather than the “old rule of thumb” to bring about law and order. There is a vast difference. People of position and privilege don’t want an entire community of individuals questioning every decision that is being made. So having accepted all these things about life and having left all the myths behind, I lead a more fulfilling life with very few limitations.

Even the slightest object is dust; as soon as you arouse intent, youre confused by hallucination. – Ancient principle

The word “fair” should never have been introduced into language except as the opposing concept to the way things actually are. Hallucinations are what the world is after. Truth is in an entirely different direction because hallucinations have attracted everyone. We are like little kids who can easily be distracted by a shiny, twirly thing than a book sitting right beside us. What is fair? Who cares? I want that thing over there. What is it? I don’t know, but it looks cool.

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